A New Era of Computerised Carts


Basic cart suits any powered AIO computer. A VESA Tilt connector, allows maximum monitor’s load of up to 16Kg. Cart has a maximum load of 100kG, allows attachments of any cabinet and  transforming a basic cart to a medication dispensing cart. Basic non powered cart can be turned into a fully powered cart only by inserting a power drawer

Zero Downtime

Battery drawer and the easy computer’s connection can be replaced by the user within minutes in case of failure. No need to wait for technical support. It means – Zero Downtime of critical application such as an EMR cart

Best User Experience

EZ-Line carts are a lightweight, easy maneuvering medical carts, equipped with an electric lift for easy height adjustment. Suits any DC powered AIO PC and are extremely modular allowing installation of various cabinet’s options


EZ cart’s are extremely lightweight. Basic powered cart is only 25Kg including batteries. 4 x 5” medical casters and a small footprint, ensures a perfect maneuvering even in crowded rooms and easy approach to patient bed

Electric Height Adjustment

All EZ-Line models, either powered or non powered, are equipped with an electric height adjustment mechanism for comfortable work while seating or standing. Even with an attached cabinet, no need to bend for the lower drawers

Anti - Bacterial Coating

EZ carts outer surfaces are made of Anti-bacterial ABS that assists in keeping a clean environment at point of care and maintain infection control. A UV led light within keyboard drawer assist in keeping both keyboard and mouse germs free.
The EZ Carts Models:
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EZ 100

When tender spec demands cart application based on powered PC – The only medical grade, anti bacterial and electric height adjustment cart in the market to support a powered PC

Currently Not Available


EZ 300

When tender spec demands for powered carts with standard or medical AIO PC – A medical grade, anti- bacterial, UV sterilizer, electric lift cart with innovative battery system to suit any DC powered AIO PC

EZ 317

When there is a demands for powered cart including AIO PC according to hospital medical safety regulation, at the best competitive price

EZ 600

When there is a demands for powered carts with standard or medical AIO PC that is required to work at least 20 hours between charging. Perfect for ER, warehouse ect’. Battery provides 24 constant working hours between charging. Charging within 4 hours

All EZ Carts Models Are IEC/EN- 60601-1 Medical Safety Certified

Cabinets – The Cart’s Best Friends

The EZ- CAB4 is a 4 tier cabinet accessory, installed over EZ Line cart and turn a doctor cart to a medication dispensing cart. The EZ- CAB5 is a 5 tire cabinet accessory, installed over EZ Line cart in the same way. Yet, it has the 5th tier – a large and deep aluminum drawer suits for liquid bags. Up to 8KG load The EZ cabinet suits for 16-24 medication bins. The EZ Cabinets’ bins are centrally locked up by an electronic pin code lock


What We Offer

  is an innovative-tech cart. Automatically adjusted, modular, ergonomic and lightweight. It is the first anti-bacterial cart in the word and the best user experience. No more downtime, no more bulky carts. Welcome to the next generation of carts.

Easy To Install Monitor

Vesa tilt (up/down left/right) that slides into the monitor’s arm bay, and allows easy installation of any AIO PC

Large Workspace

50cm X 50cm (19.7″ X 19.7″), anti bacterial ABS material for safe MEDprep. Easy to clean and implement infection control

Slide Out Keyboard Drawer

With left / right mouse pad and UV light (Charging indication) to keep keyboard & mouse germ free


Convert any basic cart into a medication dispensing cart by adding a 4 or 5 tier medication cabinet with electric pin code lock. Accessories are easily attachable to the cart

Easy Height Adjustment By Electric Lift

Suitable for a load capacity of 100 kg

Green Battery

For 13, and up to 24 working hours. Fast charging, long life & lightweight. Easy maintenance, simply replace the compartment in minutes in the event of failure (no downtime). Clear LCD battery status indication


Our Approach to Infection Control

SophistiCart’s EZ-Line carts are fully covered with plastic surfaces that are made out of ANTI-BACTERIAL ABS. SophistiCart’s working surface and handle are built from a single Anti-Bacterial ABS unit, with no deep lines or connecting parts that could become a ‘hot-spot’ for germs and dirt. The special design makes it difficult for germs to grow and spread!

Innovative Infection Control Freindly Design

All cart’s cabling is wired internally within the cart’s main column and the keyboard and mouse cables are hidden within the anti-bacterial keyboard drawer. SophistiCart EZ-Line powered carts are also equipped with a UV light drawer (380nm safe wave), specially designed for the most touchable parts in computerized carts – keyboard and mouse! The UV light will automatically be turned on any time the cart is in a charging state, to keep the drawer clean

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