New Era of Video aEEG Monitoring

The new Cerebraline offers innovative approach to the aEEG

A modern user interface with live EEG signals and bold presentation of the aEEG background

The CarebraLine is not yet a released product for commercial use

Easy Events markings

Real time and post event marking – the system will save two minutes of video along with the aEEG traces and aEEG background. A special feature allows real time export of data sections during monitoring.

Live Video & EEG/aEEG

Screen Displays simultaneously patient video & EEG/aEEG traces. Cutting edge user interface that supports variuos dynamic screen settings for video and/or EEG/aEEG display.

Playback screen (Built in Viewer)

Just pick the time with your fingers and the system will present the data in three simultaneous presentations of EEG, aEEG and Video.

Electrodes Placement Assistance Screen

User Interface that guides the user to pick channel locations and confirm placement. The system uses 5 leads for 3 measured channels and 1 calculated channel.
We also offer our aEEG capabilities with VitaLogik & Menntor monitors. The CerebraLogik interface cable is connected to the UIM input of the VitaLogik & Menntor monitors, and can be activated via the UIM menu.
The EEG display shows real-time EEG with a 3 hour display of compressed Amplitude Integrated EEG – aEEG, at the speed of 6 cm/hour on a semi logarithmic voltage axis. The EEG and aEEG can be monitored, stored and displayed simultaneously with the other vital signs monitored on the VitaLogik & Menntor.