Introducing the DTR8

Revolutionary wearable (CVRI) monitor for emergency use & fast response  

DTR8 is perfect for emegency use and fast response in combat / militaries, EMS, hospitals and first response teams scenarios such as terror attack evacuation, mass casualties events, multiple car accident and any other triage scenario.

DTR8 – The Ultimate Solution for Triage Situations

DTR8 is able to provide Vital Sign measurement of blood pressure, heat rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximeter and capnography as well as the CVRI (Cardiovascular Reserve Index), all in one small wearable monitor.

Immediate Results


Deterioration Trends

DTR8 enables on-site assessment by a healthcare practitioner, of hemodynamic state and trend, even when vital signs are within normal range.

CVRI – Cardiovascular Reserve Index

DTR8 is revolutionizing patient care by utilizing a wearable monitor including the CVRI Index, a proprietary breakthrough technology, assessing hemodynamic change in patients, which serves as an add on to the vital signs monitoring, enabling medical staffs to make informed decisions regarding medical intervention and prioritizing patients.   Unlike relying on Cardiac Output, the CVRI presents a linear trend that can be used on-site.

The IDF’s Medical Corps performed a hemorrhage swine study in search of the ultimate deterioration predictor. CardioScale’s CVRI™ technology was tested among others. Results were astounding, exceeding all others, with 100% prediction of deterioration and a hit rate of 17 out of 17.

“The CVRI is a promising potential predictive measure of hemorrhage-related hemodynamic deterioration”

Surgeon General Headquarters, Medical Corps, Israel Defence Force



When Science Faces Terrorism

TV Channel: Planete Plus, France

The DTR8 Benefits

Whether there is a terror attack, a cars accident or any other multi casualties event, first responders always face the same challenge – who do we evacuate first? Is it the person who bleeds the most? That shouts the loudest? Now there is a monitor that can assist prioritizing patients for evacuation. It can also be very powerful in Emergency Rooms inside the Hospital – is this patient is stable or is he deteriorating without us knowing it?

1st Place Winner


Combating Terrorism Technology Start-Up Challenge

By the USA DOD, MIT & Israeli DOD

200 Technology Firms Applied and CardioScale Won 1st Place!!

CardioScale’s CVRI Wins the Combating Terrorism Technology Start-Up Challange (CTTSC3). Presented by The US Department of Defense (CTTSO), Israel Department of Defense (MAFAT) and The MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel.

Small & Lightweight
Multiple setting options for patient’s BSA
Battery operated
Placed on patient’s arm
Supports up to 170 saved patients
Easy to use navigation buttons and display

The DTR8 is not yet approved for sale in the USA

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