The Horizon XVu

Hemodynamic Monitoring

Exceptionally accurate analysis system | Fast performance | Modern user interface Reporting capabilities | Network connectivity | Support for variety of procedures

CFE – Signal Acquisiotion Module

The CFE is Mennen Medical’s proprietary innovative Front-End. It’s exceptionally small size allows it to be rail mounted on the Procedure Table for maximum space saving utilization. The CFE acquires patient vital sign data which includes:

  • ECG
  • NIBP
  • SpO2
  • Respiration
  • Invasive BP (4 Ch)
  • Temperature (2 Ch)
  • ICECG (6 Ch)
  • End-Tidal CO2
  • Cardiac Output

State of the art Pediatric Software

  • Shunt & Resistance calculations
  • Complete Mullin’s diagrams for Congenital Heart Disease
  • Custom defined Site Labels give physicians total control of values used for calculations.
  • Oximetry View – Enables to select pressure and saturation values for calculations, editing of values before calculation & inserting pressure data into heart diagrams.

FFR Software

Measurement and documentation of Fractional Flow Reserve is performed easily and fully on the Horizon XVu catheterization system without the need for a stand alone FFR device. The  Mennen  Medical  Horizon  XVu  is  compatible  with  Volcano©, St Jude (RADI)© , ACIST© pressure wires.

More than Just Cardiology

The Horizon XVu is designed to support unique settings like: Brain, Hepatic or Peripheral Arteries Angioplasty

Peripheral Package

The usage of a hemodynamic system for Peripheral Arteries angioplasty is well established all over the world. Whether you perform it in the Cath Lab or in an Intervention Radiology Lab you want to get the most out of your system. Different diagrams of different arteries are available packaged with all the analysis and documentation capabilities of the horizon XVu!

Hepatic Package

The requirements for a hepatic hemodynamic system differ from that of a regular cardiology Cath lab system. Cardiology catheterization is done mostly on arterial/ventricular sites of relatively high pressures. In comparison, hepatic catheterization is done mostly on veins of very low pressure values. The Horizon XVu Hepatic System is dedicated to address that need!  

Brain Package

In the not-too-distant past, cerebral aneurysm was treated exclusively by open surgery – that is, through an orifice made in the head and skull. Today, many cases of cerebral aneurysm are discovered through brain catheterization because it is simpler, faster and ensures a much shorter and faster recovery. Horizon XVu is the perfect choice for those procedures!  

Get It Done With Us

We understand the modern lab’s requirements and are ready for the task

Data Management

Bidirectional communication with Hospital Information Systems in various protocols: HL7, Dicom, XML, etc’


Automatic inclusion of critical procedure’s data in the report as well as the ability to customize and build your own reports

PACS & CVIS Integration

Integration with variaty of PCS system and CVIS (Cardio Vascular Information Systems)

Efficient Workflow

Pre-configured and configurable Note “kits”. Bar Code scanning capabilities to streamline technicians workflow

Full Disclosure

Complete Full Disclosure Playback via an easy and intuitive, modern graphic user interface

Pre / Post monitoring

Mennen offers complementary patient monitors for Pre / Post procedure areas with seamless communication

Managing Your Lab Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

HemoCIS Plus is a powerful database that is capable storing a large volume of patients data, and enhance your lab’s workflow with scheduling, inventory, billing and statistic reports

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